Artsy, formerly, Is Back

Artsy, formerly known as, is a website that connects art lovers with galleries. It uses a search engine and database to map relationships between pieces. Unlike many art websites, Artsy focuses on modern and contemporary art, not fads. To make its website more effective, it has a large database of artists and their works. You can browse the entire database to find the perfect work of art.

While traditional galleries may have been shuttered after the pandemic, Artsy was able to remain open and even grow in size. Its digital gallery marketplace lets people purchase artwork from emerging artists for a few hundred dollars. Artists on Artsy range from Keith Haring to Banksy. Many major and independent galleries have partnered with the site, allowing consumers to buy directly from them. When the coronavirus hit sales at Artsy increased 300 percent, and the number of facilitated online auctions grew by 30%.

The search engine helps buyers and sellers discover and buy art in a faster, easier and more efficient way. It’s more like browsing a gallery, but with a higher level of contact and a bit of back and forth. Artsy’s auction system is user-friendly, allowing users to bid manually or automatically depending on their own preference. The bidding system also allows users to set a maximum bid for a live auction. Once the minimum bid is reached, the system will increase the bids incrementally until the maximum amount is reached.

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